Introduction of Feifei Song

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FeiFei Song, got Master degree in June, 2011, now works at Thermo Fisher Scientific.


YanTa District, Xi'anShaanxi, China

Email: feifeis123@126.com


09/2008 - 06/2011   master degree, ZhengZhou university

09/2004 - 06/2018   bachelor degree, ZhengZhou university

Work Experience

05/2014 - present  Instrument Sales, Genetic Sciences Division, Thermo Fisher Scientific

07/2011 – 04/2014 Technical Support Specialist, Beijing Yuanye Co., Ltd.


[1] Dereje Woltedji Aleku,Feifei Song, Lan Zhang, Bin Han, Mao Feng, Yu Fang, Jianke Li. Western Honeybee Drones and Workers ( Apis mellifera ligustica ) Have Different Olfactory Mechanisms than Eastern Honerbees (Apis cerana cerana). J Proteome Res, 2012, 11(4526-4540).

[2] Yu Fang, Feifei Song, Lan Zhang, Dereje Woltedji Aleku, Bin Han, Mao Feng, Jianke Li. Differential antennal proteome comparison of adult honeybee drone, worker and queen (Apis mellifera L.). J Proteome Res, 2012, 75(756-773).

[3] Mao Feng, Feifei Song, Dereje Woltedji Aleku, Bin Han, Yu Fang, Jianke Li. Antennal Proteome comparison of sexually mature drone and forager honeybees. J Proteome Res, 2011 (14-19).

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