Introduction of Saboor Ahmad

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Saboor Ahmad is doing PhD degree at IAR, CAAS, China.

Research Interests

Ø  Honey bee Hygienic Behavior

Ø  Honey bee Proteome

Ø  Pesticides Toxicology


September, 2018 to Now: PhD (Special Animal Rearing, Honey bee)

University: Institute of Apicultural Research, GSCAAS, China. 

2012-2014:   M.Sc (Honors) Agriculture Entomology

University:   (PMAS- Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi, Pakistan)

Thesis: Hygienic behavior of Apis mellifera in realation to Varroa mite infestation

Work Experience

 Ø     August, 2015 to April, 2016:  Science Teacher at “Govt. High School Multan Khurd, Pakistan.”

 Ø  May, 2016 to August, 2018:  Assistant Biologist at “Public Health Pest Laboratory of Jeddah Governorate, Saudi Arabia.”


Award of Merit Laptop by Government of Punjab, Pakistan. 



1.  Saboor Ahmad,Asad Aftab, Muhammad Altaf Sabri, Ayesha Ghazal, Zia Ullah, Muhammad IrfanAhmad, Hazrat Bilal, Muhammad Mohsin and Samina Iqbal Naz, 2017. Efficacy offour different insecticides with different mode of action against canola aphid(Lipaphis erysimi) under field condition. Journal of Entomology andZoology Studies, 5(3): 697-702.

     2. Saboor Ahmad,Muhammad Asif Aziz, Munir Ahmad and Imran Bodlah, 2017. Effect of queen age onhygienic and grooming behavior of Apis mellifera ligustica against Varroadestructor (Anderson and Trueman). Asian Journal of Agriculture and Biology, 5(3):113-118.

     3. Saboor Ahmad,Muhammad Asif Aziz, 2017. A Review: Risk assessment of pesticides on honey bee andpollination of agriculture crops in Pakistan. Asian Journal of Agriculture andBiology, 5(3):140-150.

     4. Saboor Ahmad,Muhammad Asif Aziz, Asad Aftab, Zia Ullah, Muhammad Irfan Ahmad, Abdul Mustan,2017. Epidemiology ofDengue in Pakistan, Present prevalence and guidelines for future control.International Journal of Mosquito Research, 4(6): 25-32.

     5. Zia Ullah,Muhammad Altaf Sabri, Saboor Ahmad, Hazrat Bilal, Dilbar Hussain, Talha KaramatMughal, Muhammad Mohsin, Asad Aftab and Muhammad Irfan Ahmad, 2017. In vitrostudy of comparative toxicity of different insecticides against Chrysoperlacarnea (Stephens) (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae). Journal of Entomology andZoology Studies, 5(3): 697-702 .

     6. Bilal H, Zia U,Saboor A, Sumrin S, 2017. Role of Behavioural Communication Change (BCC) inIntegrated Vector Management against Vector borne diseases especially dengue inPunjab-Pakistan. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Disease. 7(6): 362-363.

    7. Muhammad IrfanAhmad, Abdul Latif, Liang He, Muhammad Zulfiqar Ahmad, Jalil Ahmad, Asad Abbas,Waleed Asghar, Muhammad Yaha, Saboor Ahmad, Muhammad Tariq Mahmood, MuhammadBilal, 2018. Responseof nitrogen on growth and yield parameters of sunflower hybrids (Helianthusannus L.) Journalof Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences (JBES). 12(5): 441-446.

Last update: December 31, 2018

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